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As a leading demolition contractor in London and the South East we are trusted with the most demanding demolition and deconstruction projects, we advise on the methodology based on over 30 years experience.  Embassy Demolition Contractors competitive advantage is its ability to combine technical innovation, practical experience and extensive resources.

The importance of efficient enabling works cannot be overstated, and never underestimated.  Embassy Demolition Contractors has extensive experience in preparing construction sites for major development often in the most challenging city centre environments.  Our experience covers the site preparation, creation of access routes, and other facilities such as security fencing, ramps, pile mat construction and signage.  We can also manage site clearance, excavations, removal of obstacles and hazardous waste.  The result is a prepared site ready for the next stage of development, ensuring that the site and any neighbouring buildings or infrastructure can all function safely.

Our location in North London gives excellent and easy access to routes around Greater London and the Home Counties, and enables us to provide clients with an array of services which are cost effective, efficient.  We provide a unique range of services whether it be to a Blue Chip company or Mr Household wishing to demolish an Asbestos roofed garage.

Embassy’s highly professional estimating team can provide either a quick budget price at short notice, or a detailed tender bid should this be required.  Just contact any of our team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any enquiries you may have.

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